Empower IT on the path to net zero: How to break barriers in sustainability:
SHI’s “Solve what’s next” webinar series explores net zero emissions goals and how they are transforming IT operations.

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In the ever-changing technology landscape, organizations are now placing a high priority on sustainability initiatives. As emissions reduction targets loom, companies are seeking to transform their digital strategies for a more sustainable future.

In the seventeenth edition of SHI’s “Solve what’s next” webinar series, recorded on November 2, 2023, you will:

  • Gain key insights on how to foster a sustainability-focused IT culture.
  • Learn to leverage advanced technologies for green IT initiatives.
  • Discover how to formulate effective IT strategies to accelerate net-zero transition goals.

Watch the full webinar recording here: The path to net zero: How IT leaders can overcome sustainability hurdles