Facing history with courage

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In over 30 years as a privately owned company, SHI has never made a public statement such as this. While we have always respected and celebrated the unique perspective and diversity each of us brings to the SHI community, we have also tried to provide our employees, customers, and partners a workday respite from the relentless politicization that only seeks to divide us.

And while we have gained no interest in politics, we have lost all interest in silence.

Today the employees of SHI lend our voices in support of the peaceful protestors who stand and kneel, shout and march in condemnation of the most recent episodes of inequality, injustice, and human rights violations African Americans have experienced for far too long. From Minneapolis, Minnesota to Brunswick, Georgia to the millions of everyday interactions in which prejudices, intimidations, and transgressions not captured on video leave behind the all-too-real physical and emotional scars. We stand with protestors exercising their right to say, “Enough.”

Maya Angelou once wrote: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

We are all living through history. Right now. My ask of everyone throughout every SHI family is to continue to have the courage to face this painful time in our history, remember it, and support those who are protesting peacefully to ensure we need not live it again. We all have a responsibility to BE the leaders we hoped we could be and to continue to strive for the justice, respect, and equality that every one of us deserves.