Gearing your ITAM program for a world of hybrid everything:
Why now’s the time to double down on ITAM and re-establish IT governance and controls

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As you recover and adapt following the disruption caused by COVID-19 you may be planning to move to a hybrid working model. This ebook sets out how SHI’s ITAM and SAM services can help you navigate an increasingly challenging software licensing landscape. We show you how to develop an ITAM program purpose-built for new working models and changing technology estates.

This ebook will help you:

  • Make the business case for investment in ITAM and SAM services
  • Realize the benefits of partnering with SHI for SAM and ITAM
  • Understand the full breadth of SHI’s ITAM and SAM services and the wealth of expertise at your disposal

A strong ITAM and SAM program is no longer a “nice to have”. This ebook illustrates why it must be a critical component of your COVID-19 recovery plan and how SHI is uniquely positioned to support you on this journey.