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At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic nearly two years ago, when a mass exodus to remote work was coupled with a crazy demand for end-user devices, SHI didn’t flinch. We got to work, devising the effortless deployment of end-user devices to whoever – and wherever – they were needed.

The results: 5.5 million units configured, deployed, and shipped; 433,431 parcels shipped directly to end users at home.

How was SHI able to tackle something of this magnitude without skipping a beat? Simple: SHI Integration Centers.

What are SHI Integration Centers?

SHI Integration Centers are state-of-the-art facilities that provide warehousing, configuration, and high-quality shipping for everything data center and end user computing (EUC) – all under a single roof.

SHI’s two facilities – Knox Integration Center (which handled the above engagement) and Ridge Integration Center – are not only ISO 9001:2015 certified and highly secured, but they employ data center and EUC computing experts who can make sure that the right people get the right ready-to-use equipment no matter the destination.

What capabilities do SHI Integration Centers have?

It’s not so much about what SHI Integration Centers can do; it’s more like, what can’t they do.

Procuring devices, accepting and warehousing the delivery, and unboxing and checking the equipment? You bet. Imaging laptops or tablets with the right operating system (OS) and settings, and pairing them with the desired peripherals, like screens, docking stations, mouses, and more? We have you covered.

You need those devices packaged up as a single shipment? No sweat. You want them individually delivered to an end user’s home address? That’s not an issue, either.

When it comes to your organization’s configuration and deployment needs, SHI Integration Centers can do it all from one location.

5 reasons to trust SHI Integration Services

We’ve identified what SHI Integration Centers can do for your organization, but we haven’t answered the biggest question of all: Why? Why should your organization put its trust in SHI’s Integration Services?

We’ll give you five reasons:

  1. Reduce overhead costs. You don’t need to buy storage space to develop your own configuration center. You only pay for what you use and when you need it.
  2. Avoid new labor costs and optimize resources. Instead of hiring and training new IT staff or turning to temporary workers, put your resources where they’ll be most beneficial to your business. Using SHI’s Integrated Services, your employees can focus on core goals and objectives without being pulled in multiple directions.
  3. Access to expertise and experience. Most IT staffs are limited in knowledge and expertise. SHI’s team of experts is proficient in multiple IT technologies, giving you access to the latest technology and high-quality support you need.
  4. Faster deployment times. Why pause your regular operations to ensure your deployment runs smoothly? SHI works with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs. With preconfigured systems, you’ll experience a faster deployment.
  5. Decrease risk. It’s not your job to stay up on the latest technology. It’s ours. SHI works with countless OEMs and stays up to date on industry best practices, enabling us to take an agnostic approach to technology. With our help, you can decrease the chance of making a costly bad decision while maintaining flexibility as your business evolves and changes.

How SHI Integration Centers helped improve one company’s end user experience

How do you differentiate yourself from other companies in your space? What can you do to attract or retain top talent in a competitive market? You turn the technology you’re providing end users into an experience.

We worked with Palo Alto Networks to create an exceptional onboarding experience for its new hires. Through SHI Integration Centers, all incoming employees receive a new hire kit that is tailored to their needs and ready to go from day one. Each kit contains a laptop/MacBook, monitor, headset, keyboard, mouse, and IT Quick Start Guide, as well as company swag – a water bottle, backpack, socks, pen, and notebook – all in a branded Palo Alto box. It also includes a welcome letter from the CEO – a nice surprise.

Starting a new job can be scary or intimidating. But when you’re not just provided with the equipment you need, when you’re immersed in the company culture through a fun, unique, and encouraging “welcome,” that can make all the difference. And that’s a company you want to invest in.

Getting started with SHI Integration Centers

SHI Integration Centers offer superior configuration and deployment services for data center and EUC technologies.

Whether you need advanced server rack and stack; hardware and mobile device configuration; server and end-user device imaging; hard asset tagging, custom kitting and packing; or inventory and logistics management, the Knox and Ridge Integration Centers can handle your business’s unique needs.

To learn more about our configuration and deployment services, contact us today.