How you can conquer your current and future storage management needs:
SHI’s storage lifecycle success program makes it easy to analyze your storage environment, project future consumption needs, and prepare for the future.

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While “one size fits all” may work for your branded hats, having the same mentality for your data storage solution is more troublesome than you may think. Your business’ storage needs are unique with so many variables to consider, including:

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vs three-tier architecture
  • Structured vs unstructured
  • DAS, NAS, SAN, object vs cloud
  • Capacity vs performance
  • Throughput vs input/output operations (IOPS)

While you’re likely familiar with these concepts, it can be difficult to dedicate the time and resources needed to determine which options best fit your current and future needs. That’s where SHI’s storage experts can help. We can visualize your current and projected storage consumption and simplify the process of finding and supporting the best-suited and right-sized solutions for your business.

SHI’s storage lifecycle success program gives you the confidence to meet your storage challenges head-on through continual analysis and support for your environment.

Through a structured monthly engagement, SHI’s storage experts perform regular health checks, review and discuss storage OS and Firmware updates, and present product roadmaps for future upgrades and feature releases. Your SHI Account Executive and Data Storage Engineer will also host quarterly business reviews to verify feature and functionality adoption, review capacity utilization, start forecasting for growth, and identify cost savings opportunities.

Our storage lifecycle success program helps you solve what’s next by forecasting more accurately, limiting service disruption, and better utilizing the management tools at your disposal.