Maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 investments by driving adoption

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The amount of money organizations waste on software spend is alarming. Gartner reveals that over 25% of software goes unused at any given time.

For many organizations, Microsoft 365 (M365) usage – or lack thereof – fits the bill.

SHI’s own customer data confirms this. According to the data we’ve compiled, 25% of M365 users are not active within 30 days, 16% have never logged in, and 31% are under-utilized.

While this subscription service is usually rolled out successfully, employees often don’t make full use of the applications, features, and functionality available to them. Additionally, many businesses end up paying for M365 subscriptions they don’t necessarily need.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how to maximize the ROI from your M365 investments by driving adoption.

Why users aren’t taking advantage of the full range of applications

To find a solution, you must first identify the root of the problem. Here, it’s education.

Oftentimes, organizations purchase licenses in bundles. And, while they get the tools they want, they also buy more than they need without truly realizing the implications of doing so. Additionally, many companies lack a quality communication plan to effectively relay what tools are available to their users.

There’s also a general expectation that when an application is updated, employees will automatically understand what’s new and start taking advantage of these features. The reality is much different.

Most of the time, employees don’t receive information about the latest features, let alone start using them on their own. This leads to waste and inefficiency – both of which, directly or indirectly, hinder productivity.

This lack of education – whether it’s a business not fully understanding the licenses it is purchasing or users not having a firm grasp of what features are at their disposal – can keep an organization from maximizing its investment.

How to solve these problems through adoption

To overcome these impediments, organizations must take measures to drive the value out of their existing investment.

Start by helping employees adopt the tools you already have.

Offer employees formalized training on the software and solutions available to them. This can be a combination of live instructor-led training and e-learning to accommodate employees wherever they are.

By learning how to use the underutilized resources in their arsenal, employees can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance overall satisfaction. Of course, this only works if you know what tools you have.

So, how do you get that information? Through a better understanding of your licensing and clear visibility around product utilization.

How SHI can help you maximize your M365 spend

With 365 Insights, SHI’s Microsoft Licensing experts can provide you with the visibility and insight you need to maximize ROI of your M365 investments.

Within 24 hours, this service can generate findings that will help you understand your entitlements, current usage, and user behavior.

SHI’s 365 Cost Optimization Services allow you to:

  • Enhance Office 365 and M365 provisioning
  • Minimize costs related to inactive users
  • Find the right subscription levels for your users’ needs
  • Locate potential adoption issues
  • Enforce an efficient deprovisioning policy
  • Fix any duplication licensing issues

Using this information, you’ll be able to identify cost savings through re-allocating or changing subscriptions and pinpoint where to focus targeted training to ensure your end users are getting the most out of the software that they have access to.

Meeting your M365 goals

Too many organizations aren’t getting the most out of their M365 subscriptions. This could lead to short- and long-term financial and productivity problems.

The goal shouldn’t be to necessarily reduce these services or even purchase more. It should be to maximize the resources you already have. A better understanding of your licenses and a clearer visibility of your product utilization can send you down the right path.

SHI’s 365 Insights gives you the insight you need to make better decisions about your M365 estate. And with that information, you can proactively train your users on the tools they’re underutilizing, while making sure they learn how to take advantage of the features that will make their job easier.

Check out SHI’s wide array of end user and technical training programs to help you drive successful adoption and enhance productivity.