New SHI study reveals the top 3 public sector cybersecurity challenges
Explore candid insights into the latest barriers, trends, and investments

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The cybersecurity landscape is anything but simple. The increasing complexity of managing devices, workloads, and identities is compounded by the risk and sheer volume of more sophisticated cyber threats.

A 2023 SHI survey asked state and local government leaders across the U.S. to weigh in on pressing cybersecurity challenges – and the results are in.

From automation, funding, and visibility to legacy transformation and the security maturity journey, state and local governments face a growing demand to address cybersecurity concerns. The following study’s insights will unveil the latest barriers, trends, and investments – and how your organization can solve what’s next with SHI to bolster your security practice.

Complicated, evolving threats and attacks require an advanced and agile cybersecurity strategy. Discover what state and local government cybersecurity leaders are talking about, including:

  • The greatest barriers to address their top 3 cybersecurity challenges.
  • Their plans to fund cybersecurity staff and initiatives this upcoming fiscal year – and what changes are coming.
  • Their need to secure funding and navigate grants.
  • The increased investments in cybersecurity programs and projects in the next 12 to 18 months.
  • The most-used cybersecurity frameworks and strategies.

Read the full study to discover expert insights and explore sophisticated solutions for your rapidly changing cybersecurity environment.