SHI Executive Briefings: A better way to launch your next tech project

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Has your organization ever had an idea or pinpointed a technology or business need, yet not been able to get things off the ground? Or wanted to accelerate a project but didn’t have the resources or expertise to achieve the desired results?

If the answer to either these questions is yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone wants to innovate quickly but finding the balance between meeting your goals and making a costly decision can be tricky.

It’s hard enough to keep your business moving forward, let alone find the time or manpower to explore and assess all the new technologies and solutions popping up every day.

But what if you didn’t have to do it alone? Introducing SHI Executive Briefings.

What are SHI Executive Briefings?

An SHI Executive Briefing is an in-person or virtual engagement designed to help your organization explore various technology-related initiatives.

It’s a fast, simple, light-touch, and low-commitment way to uncover the technologies and processes that support the business goals or challenges your company is trying to meet. SHI Executive Briefings are available on topics such as:

  • Cloud – Establish a Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Networking – Network Transformation
  • End User Computing – Zero Touch Client Deployments
  • Cybersecurity – Cloud Security & Compliance

View a full list of the growing portfolio of SHI Executive Briefings here.

What are the benefits of SHI Executive Briefings?

At their core, SHI Executive Briefings are about education and alignment. They will also help you effectively manage your organization’s time and resources.

Exploring, researching, and dissecting new technologies and how they fit into your overall business strategy – who has the time? That’s why SHI does the hard work for you.

In an SHI Executive Briefing, you’re presented with a detailed overview of next-generation technologies and solutions that align with your business goals. From there, SHI helps you design a strategy to achieve your chosen outcomes.

How do SHI Executive Briefings help solve your business objectives?

SHI Executive Briefings may be a new, easy way to begin the process of exploring technology or business solutions, but this is not new for us. It’s what we do and is a critical component of our value in helping you Select, Deploy and Manage the most appropriate and valuable technologies for your organization.

SHI has extensive experience working with a broad portfolio of technology providers. This global network, scale, and expertise allow us to pair your individual business needs more readily to the right solutions. We’ll never force a particular vendor or product on you that’s not the right fit – because we work with dozens more that might be a better match. These are all things we’ll explore in our one-on-one sessions.

Whether it’s transforming your infrastructure, protecting your business against growing threats, enhancing your collaboration capabilities, or improving your IT cost optimization, our experts have you covered.

No project too big or too small

In the past year, we’ve done over 300 briefings. And when it comes to your request, no lift is too big or small.

Interested in learning if a product like Microsoft Teams is right for your business? Looking to integrate a hybrid cloud strategy or develop a cloud center of excellence, but don’t know the best practices? Want to understand why using SASE can help secure your hybrid IT?

SHI Executive Briefings can help with all of this – and more.

There’s never been a better, easier way to explore technologies and solutions that align with your business needs, without having to do all the heavy lifting. What are you waiting for?

To learn more about SHI Executive Briefings and how you can leverage them to discover next-generation technologies that will advance your business goals, call your SHI account executive or contact us today.