SHI receives Verizon’s 2020 Supplier Sustainability Award
See how you can limit your carbon footprint and dispose of your electronics responsibly

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SHI has a long history of advising Verizon on innovative substrates, formats, and process efficiencies for reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. This year, SHI was awarded for its hard work, receiving Verizon’s 2020 Supplier Sustainability Award.

SHI was recognized for being an intricate part of Verizon’s electronic waste (E-waste) recycling efforts – a task that was made especially more difficult during the pandemic.

Traditionally, SHI coordinates, oversees, and manages annual on-site “recycling events” for Verizon. At 10-12 locations across the country, members of the community drop off unwanted, unused, or outdated equipment to be recycled responsibly. With SHI’s help, Verizon recycles roughly 30,000-40,000 pounds per month.

However, in 2020, Verizon was unable to host in-person events due to COVID-19. But that didn’t stop SHI from finding an alternative solution. SHI brokered a sponsorship arrangement between Verizon and the recyclers. Now, community members can turn in older electronics at Verizon-sponsored drop offs.

SHI is committed to fostering a sustainable future, and its award-winning work with Verizon is just one example of how it’s putting its beliefs into action. SHI works with dozens of manufacturers on ways to become more environmentally friendly.

To learn more about how you can limit your carbon footprint and dispose of your electronics responsibly, contact SHI about its IT sustainability initiatives.