SHI saves U.S. auto insurance company over $350K in Microsoft renewals
Discover how SHI helps organizations achieve an Optimized License Position, enabling you to reduce your software spend, eliminate noncompliance risks, and get the software agreements you actually need.

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Software renewal options are often so complex that it can be a struggle for many organizations to pinpoint the best licensing models for their needs. And when these organizations have multiple subscriptions in their environment across the gambit of publishers, software asset management becomes a time-consuming headache.

When a U.S. auto insurance company was up for renewal on their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), SHI helped them cut over $350K from their total spend and avoid license noncompliance.

Read our case study below to discover how SHI helps organizations:

  • Take advantage of unutilized grants
  • Reconcile unused or unwanted software and licenses
  • Migrate to modern, right-sized licensing models
  • Save hidden or entangled costs year over year

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