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Chris Gibson

Manager – SHI Integration Center Solutions

As the Manager of SHI’s Integration Center Support Team for Commercial and Enterprise markets, Chris Gibson is responsible for a team that focuses on securing new business, building customer loyalty, and developing strong relationships with SHI’s strategic business partners.

Working from SHI’s state of the art Integration Center facility in Piscataway, New Jersey, Chris synchronizes the efforts of the SHI sales force and the technicians working at SHI’s Integration Center and works to ensure SHI’s Integration Services team meets or exceeds customer demands. His overall goal is to help position SHI’s value-added solutions and provide a turn-key offering to SHI’s customers.

Recent Content by Chris Gibson

Streamline EUC configuration and deployment with SHI Integration Centers
Learn how we're helping customers revolutionize the new hire experience

March 15, 2022
There’s an answer to all your organization’s IT deployment and configuration demands: SHI Integration Centers.

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