Integrating Mac into your workplace is easier than you think. Here’s why:
Believe it or not, you've already overcome many of the hurdles needed to integrate Mac. Your teams just don't know it yet.


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The corporate tech scene is undergoing a quiet transformation. And Apple is a significant reason why.

Often associated with creative work, Macs were once a rarity in the office. Today, they’re breaking through in various sectors, chosen for their blend of elegance, robust functionality, user-friendly interface, and advanced security.

IDC expects the number of Macs sold to business users worldwide will grow by 20% over the next 12 months. A Dimensional Research report commissioned by Kandji discovered 76% of large businesses currently use more Apple devices than last year, while over half (57%) agree that Apple device adoption is growing faster than other options. Considering 90% of IT professionals laud Macs, iPads, and iPhones for the business advantages they bring to the workplace, this should be no surprise.

However, this growing trend does more than change the devices on the desks of professionals. It introduces a new understanding of the requirements for compatibility, security protocols, and IT support, necessitating a more inclusive approach to technology management in corporate settings.

Integrating Mac into a Windows-centric workplace

A persistent fear among IT administrators is that adopting Mac means overhauling or changing the infrastructure your organization has worked so hard to perfect. But contrary to popular belief, there are no inherent differences in network connectivity or security protocols between Macs and PCs. The work you’ve put in to integrate Windows should largely carry over to macOS.

That being said, integrating Mac into a Windows-dominated environment requires getting all your IT teams on the same page.

Secure stakeholder buy-in

While IT teams don’t operate in a vacuum, they do often work in silos. That means network, security, and device teams, just to name a few, all have their own stakeholders, protocols, and processes. Successful Mac adoption means getting all these stakeholders on the same page about Mac’s capabilities.

Listen to their concerns, understand their needs, and answer their questions. How does your current security stack operate on macOS? What sort of visibility does your current device management platform give on Macs, versus what you need? How will Mac devices interplay with your organization’s file share system?

Your answer almost always will be resoundingly positive. Yes, that’ll work on Mac. Yes, those systems are already in place. But it’s up to you to ensure those stakeholders understand the required work and the projected benefits. That’s where SHI can help.

We got your Mac

SHI’s Apple experts help you navigate the intricacies of Mac integration, from initial setup and compatibility solutions to ongoing support. SHI provides continuous education and support, helping you fully leverage Mac capabilities and maximize your investment in Apple technology.

Part of this ongoing learning experience is SHI’s “We Got Your Mac” podcast. This is a treasure trove of insights, tips, and experiences from professionals who’ve been in your shoes. They don’t just talk about the successes; they dive into the challenges, the solutions that worked, and sometimes, the ones that didn’t. It’s about real-world applications, not theory.

At just 20-30 minutes per episode, We Got Your Mac is quick and to the point, adding valuable insight to your coffee break or morning jog!

We Got Your Mac is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts.

Join the Mac revolution

The shift toward Mac integration reflects a deeper understanding of the need for intuitive, robust, and secure computing experiences. This movement isn’t just about keeping up with technological trends; it’s about acknowledging and adapting to the preferences of a diverse workforce.

The challenges ahead aren’t roadblocks, but rather stepping stones toward an efficient and innovative ecosystem.

In this journey, the value of informed guidance and support cannot be overstated. Assets like SHI’s “We Got Your Mac” podcast have emerged as invaluable tools for sharing insights, experiences, and best practices in this domain. These resources, combined with expert assistance, pave the way for a smoother, more effective transition for organizations seeking to make the most of their technological investments.

The Mac revolution in the business world is underway. Now’s the time to step in, participate, and propel your organization forward with informed decisions backed by real figures and authentic experiences. What are you waiting for?

To learn more about growing Mac adoption in the workplace and how to integrate Apple products smoothly and successfully into your business, contact SHI today.