Innovation Heroes: Blockchain 101 for the enterprise
CasperLabs CTO helps demystify this exciting new technology

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There’s a lot of buzz surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency – and that includes across the boardrooms of major enterprises and traditional industries. So, what does this disruptive technology mean to businesses and IT leaders?

To find out, we invited Medha Parlikar, CTO and Co-founder of CasperLabs, onto the latest episode of Innovation Heroes. Parlikar is a leading expert on blockchain in the enterprise – and a blackbelt in karate. On the podcast, she helps demystify this exciting new tech, share real-world use cases, and explain how blockchain is already changing the world of business as we know it.

“When you boil it all down, blockchain is a trust protocol. If you think of the internet as an information protocol, and if that information is passed through a blockchain, you can trust it because it can never be changed,” she said, adding blockchain is poised to be more disruptive than the advent of the Internet and cloud computing.

Parlikar also touches on some hot button topics for enterprise IT leaders, such as security, identity management and the need for more control. In fact, her company CasperLabs was created to make it easier for businesses to future-proof and de-risk the use of blockchain technologies.

“CTOs and CIOs in large companies and enterprises believe blockchain is here to stay. And they are looking to gain a competitive advantage by using it,” she says. “They’re coming to us and saying: ‘Here’s what our business does. Tell us how we can use blockchain technology to do. What are some of the optimizations?’”

Listen now to the full conversation to explore blockchain’s use in the enterprise, how it’s changing traditional industries, and how you can take action today in your business and avoid being left behind.

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