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David O’Leary

Senior Director of Security for SHI

David is an accomplished Security Executive with more than two decades of experience in the IT industry. He enjoys the challenge of building formative security solutions, leveraging his extensive experience to provide leadership and guidance as well as to design, implement, and manage large-scale infrastructure projects for multinational organizations.

Recent Content by David O’Leary

Foxconn, FireEye, and SolarWinds: Key takeaways from high-profile breaches
Strengthening your cyber defenses has never been more important

December 15, 2020
Between January and October, 36 billion records were exposed in data breaches. Here’s an overview of some of the latest high-profile cyberattacks, and what they teach us about cyber defense.

Securing your remote workforce during COVID-19

March 27, 2020
Allowing remote workers to access critical systems and data from endpoints and networks you don’t manage increases risk. Validating and reinforcing your cybersecurity, therefore, should be a top priority.

5 keys to successful privileged access management

March 10, 2020
Security teams are struggling: 74% of data breaches involve access to privileged accounts. Privileged access management could help, but only with the right strategy in place.

Seeing the glass half full: 4 cybersecurity trends for 2020
As data breaches increase, it’s time to sharpen our focus on cyber defense

January 9, 2020
As data breaches increase in volume and severity, it’s time to sharpen our focus on cyber defense. Here are four trends for 2020.

Protect users from web-based attacks with browser isolation
As cybercriminals continue to up their game, organizations need to reduce their attack surface

September 26, 2019
Cybercriminals generate, launder, spend, and reinvest more than $1 trillion a year, and it's predicted to increase.

How to address threats and secure your data in the cloud
Cloud security is a two-way street

May 28, 2019
As enterprise cloud adoption is exploding with the promise of operational efficiency, organizations need to analyze areas of risk and match the increase in cloud adoption with a stronger focus on data security.

RSA Conference 2019: Highlights you might have missed
We are better together

March 22, 2019
Topics aligned with the conferences theme, Better, and focused on actions that can be taken by everyone

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