ICYMI: Catch up on SHI Education Summit 2021 videos
Hear what leading industry experts had to say about next-generation education

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It’s safe to say that educators have been forced to navigate some fairly choppy waters in 2020 and 2021 as they’ve adapted to the stark realities of the pandemic.

SHI has supported the education sector for over 30 years, providing schools with advanced technology and helping their IT departments build and support safe and secure modern infrastructures.

As part of our commitment to enhancing technology for classrooms, and supporting teachers and other education sector professionals, we recently held our second annual Education Summit where we invited innovators, industry experts, and scholars and educators to share the latest insights, and highlight how leaders in the education sector are using lessons from the pandemic to further enhance classroom and curriculum best practice.

If you’re looking for ways to make your own classroom come alive, check out the following videos from our virtual sessions:

1. The Future of Learning

Join Lenovo’s Worldwide Education Team to discuss emerging education trends resulting from the challenges of the past year. Hear about current and future products and solutions designed to empower, inspire, and accelerate learning.


  • Delia DeCourcy, Sr. Global Education Solutions Manager, Lenovo
  • Richard Henderson, Director, Global Education Solutions, Lenovo
  • Brian Moynihan, Global Education Solution Manager, VR Classroom, Lenovo
  • Shayla Rexrode, Smart Education Solutions Manager, Lenovo

2. Esports Panel

Being a part of Esports is more than just gaming. As opportunities in Esports have grown, understanding the industry and the market is more important than ever. In this panel, hear from some of the most well-known voices in the education industry and learn why and how to bring Esports to your institution.


  • Dr. Katrina Adkins, Public Sector Sr. Program Director – Education, SHI
  • Matt Jackson, Chief Executive Officer/Founder, UGC
  • Joshua Kell, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon AVL
  • Joey Gawrysiak, Director of Esports, Shenandoah University
  • April Welch, Associate VP, Strategic Initiatives, Illinois Institute of Technology

3. Building a Foundation for Social Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies are important skills students need to understand to relate to the world around them while achieving academic success. This session focuses on the relevance of social-emotional learning in the classroom, and also highlights ways to align SEL strategies to classroom instruction.

• Erin Sailor, Director of Professional Development, Eduscape
• Autumn DeGroot, Senior Learning Leader, Eduscape

4. Building and Growing Effective Online Learning Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic forced higher education institutions to rapidly deploy online learning. For many, this rapid shift highlighted the need for greater investment in online learning strategy, pedagogy, and EdTech tools to deliver a quality student experience. It also highlighted the opportunities presented by online learning programs to boost institutional performance and competitiveness in a changing higher education landscape. This session covers:

  • The importance of an institution-wide online learning strategy, including instructional, technology, and business strategies.
  • Opportunities and challenges inherent to online learning programs.
  • Strategies for rapidly scaling online learning to meet demand while retaining quality.
  • A review of the nonprofit support provided by EdgeLearn during the pandemic to increase the amount and quality of online programs.


  • Joshua Gaul, Executive Director, EdgeLearn

5. Future-proofing the Education Environment

The past year has taught us many lessons in education. Check out this video to learn how to implement the technology.


  • Ashley Karczewski, Channel Account Manager, Spectrum Furniture
  • Ben Jones, VP Sales, Spectrum Furniture
  • Scott Purdue, Director, GEM East Sales, Poly
  • John Sunanda, Systems Engineer, Poly
  • Melissa Bisbo, Experience and Demonstration Theater Lead – Americas, Poly

6. Keynote – From Learning Loss to Workforce Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic provided the U.S. education system with the opportunity to create the workforce of the future. Learn about holistic solutions to support student learning and the power of data to improve learning outcomes.


  • Gregg Descheemaeker, Director, U.S. Education, State & Local Government, Intel Corporation
  • Kevin Schmid, Public Sector Alliances Manger, Intel Corporation

7. You know VR, AR, and XR. Now Let’s Talk BR

Modern technology allows us to bend and shape reality in ways that once seemed like science fiction. With Virtual, Augmented, and Extended Reality, the boundaries of realism get pushed and possibilities become immense. Today, it’s imperative we pause and reflect on our authentic realities. In this segment, SHI’s experts engage in a candid conversation on storytelling, inquiry, levity, and lessons learned. Our interactive presentation explores the brutal realities of balancing work-from-home with school-from-home (spoiler alert – there is no balance). Watch this and feel supported, energized, and confident to succeed in any reality with fortitude and wit.


  • Lori Coffae, Senior Content Writer, SHI
  • Dominick Fama, Pubic Sector District Sales Manager, SHI

8. Funding and Grants

A discussion on the available funding for K-12 and Higher Education as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This session highlights new appropriations and provides tips to meet ongoing technology needs.


  • Kiana Romeo, Public Sector Government Affairs Manager, SHI

9. Google Workspace – Updates Every School Community Should Know

The Google for Education Team strives to provide school communities with tools that elevate teaching, learning, collaboration, and productivity – all on one secure platform. With 170+ million students and teachers using Google Workspace for Education worldwide, we’re committed to enabling impactful teaching and learning for everyone, from anywhere. Join us for a deep dive into updates into
both free and paid editions of Google Workspace for Education.


  • Mike Patterson, North America Education Software Strategy Lead for K-12, Google

10. Foundations of Professional Development

After years of research, planning, and connecting with staff and educators, Professional Development has finally taken on a new meaning. Join Eduscape to learn how to tackle those dreaded two words: Professional Development.


  • Erin Sailor, Director of Professional Development, Eduscape
  • Autumn DeGroot, Dean Of Students, Cranbrook Schools (MI)
  • Kristy Louden, Senior Learning Leader. Eduscape

To learn more about SHI’s deep commitment to education – and how we can help educators navigate whatever technological challenges they may be facing – check out our digital learning resources and give us a call.