Innovation Heroes: GenAI myths, mistakes, and methods for success
Lessons from industry leaders on how to implement generative AI in the enterprise

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The buzz around generative AI (GenAI) is growing louder. But what’s the reality behind the hype? Many organizations are weighing the benefits of using AI in the workplace, while simultaneously considering the consequences. It can be difficult to know when and how to start implementing GenAI.

On the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, a podcast by SHI, host Ed McNamara dives into real-world AI implementation experiences. He is joined by guests John Byron Hanby IV, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Iternal Technologies, and Allen Clingerman, Chief Technology Strategist, Dell Technologies, to discuss practical methodologies for implementing AI.

“An AI transformation is not just IT,” says John Byron Hanby. “You’ve got a cohort of individuals, whether it’s marketing, sales, communications, business development, finance, or operations. Now there’s even something called an AI transformation office starting to pop up. All of these teams connect with IT at that center of the hub to implement one of these transformations.”

Generative AI can be used for tasks like financial forecasting and marketing ads, all at the click of a button. But we need to understand the correlation within these billions, soon-to-be trillions, of data points in large language models, says Allen Clingerman.

Listen to the full conversation to further explore AI implementations. You can also find episodes on SHI’s Resource Hub, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms, and on YouTube in an all- new video format.

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