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Lauren Baines

Senior Manager – Editorial & Copywriting

As managing editor for the Hub, Lauren is responsible for SHI’s external content strategy. Her writing experience with SHI includes roles in marketing and communications, strategic marketing, marketing and special events, sales programs, and mobility, giving her a well-rounded perspective on the power of compelling storytelling in the IT space. Lauren has been with SHI since 2007.

Recent Content by Lauren Baines

Are you attending this year's top technology conferences? Let's connect!

February 23, 2023
To help you prioritize your event schedule this year, we’ve compiled a list of the top tech conferences in 2023.

What will future classrooms look like? Extended reality is key

October 5, 2022
What does the future of the classroom look like? Learn how extended reality is revolutionizing education.

3 ways technology will transform education for the better

July 13, 2022
Technology will continue to enhance the education landscape – and plugged-in students will reap the benefits.

"Dream Big Win Big" – the golden grace of Kristi Yamaguchi

May 27, 2022
SHI employees heard from Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

So fresh and so green: Introducing the SHI Community Garden!

April 20, 2022
The SHI Community Garden promotes healthy eating, benefits the environment, and supports mental health.

Simplifying success with soccer legend Carli Lloyd

February 4, 2022
SHI employees were recently invited to kick off their weekends with two-time World Cup champion Carli Lloyd.

Get your Windows 11 upgrade budget priorities in order now

December 1, 2021
Even if Microsoft’s newest OS doesn’t cost you a penny, you still need to have a solid plan in place.

4 areas dominating the education technology landscape

February 25, 2021
Learn how COVID-19 drove hybrid learning, immersive technologies, esports, and cybersecurity in K-12.

How this law enforcement agency office got out from under the paperwork and back to the police work

March 18, 2020
Like many law enforcement agencies, this local sheriff’s office was bogged down by paperwork. But instead of continuing to struggle under a growing mound of incident reports, it decided to do something.

Is your public sector organization struggling to finance your dream project? There’s probably a grant for that!

February 20, 2020
Often, public sector organizations are forced to put their dream projects on hold – or scrap them entirely – because they lack proper funding or resources to get the initiative off the ground.

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