How FinOps helps take control of your cloud costs
Reduce your infrastructure costs and regain visibility into your cloud resources with an effective FinOps program.

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The shift to cloud heralded a sea of change in the procurement and deployment of infrastructure resources. And yet, many organizations continue to operate the same as they did in their on-premises data centers. At best, they end up leaving money on the table; at worst, they hemorrhage massive amounts of IT spend.

Without a mature FinOps program, organizations struggle to answer questions around who is spending what, and why. Not being able to explain why your enterprise spent tens or hundreds of millions of dollars is a position no one wants to find themself in.

Read the latest Horizon Report from Stratascale* to learn how an effective FinOps program can help you:

  • Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by 30-70 percent
  • Accurately charge back cloud infrastructure costs to the appropriate cost center or line of business
  • Report on the value created by spending on cloud infrastructure resources.
  • Hold engineering teams and product teams accountable for maintaining cost-effective infrastructure
  • Enable executive leadership to make informed decisions about trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality

Click to read Stratascale Horizon Report #28: Take Control of Cloud Costs With Finops

*Stratascale is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHI providing a consultancy-first approach to helping organizations rapidly adapt in response to business changes and challenges through technology innovation.