How FinOps technology challenges the dominance of cloud native tools:
Discover the importance of FinOps in the latest market report by Stratascale

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FinOps is the discipline large enterprises turn to for getting control of and optimizing their cloud spend. As an evolving practice built on visibility, usage management, rate management, and shared ownership of cloud costs, FinOps provides a framework for your enterprise to introduce governance, forecast and budget, and ultimately maximize the value of cloud.

Three major players dominate the public cloud market – AWS, GCP, and Azure. However, the urgent need to monitor and control cloud spending has created opportunities for disruptive venture-capital–backed startups to compete with the free, but often lagging offerings of the public cloud providers’ native tools.

Startups and specialized players offer greater features and cross-functionality across cloud environments than the industry behemoths, who are highly incentivized to keep clients locked into their offerings. Since 2003, the FinOps market has received over $384 million in venture capital funding.

Read the latest market report by Stratascale* to explore the importance of FinOps and compare the capabilities and limitations of the most popular FinOps tools, including:

·       AWS Cost Explorer ·       GCP Billing
·       Azure Cost Management + Billing ·       Harness Cloud Cost Management
·       Cloudability ·       CloudHealth
·       CoreStack ·       Densify
·       Zesty ·       Spot


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