Four steps to Azure cost optimization: Identify & address spend risks

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Through our work with thousands of customer organizations, we’ve found that companies typically overspend by 35% on public cloud, with some reaching as high as 50%. This is due to a mix of unused resources, oversized infrastructure, failure to leverage cloud-native architecture, reservation mismanagement, and leaving available discounts on the table. Just as there is no single cause for overspending, there is no single solution to it, either. Rather, organizations aiming to optimize their Azure spend and usage need a roadmap that guides them toward opportunities across four main areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Ownership and Expertise
  3. Process
  4. Tools

We explore each area in more detail, illustrating why so many Azure optimization efforts fail and the steps you should take to avoid common pitfalls.

This ebook is perfect for organizations that are:

  • Planning to invest in Azure and want to control spending from day one.
  • Exceeding their cloud budget and don’t know why.
  • Tasked with cutting costs and seeking ways to reduce cloud spend.
  • Looking to streamline financial operations to simplify billing.