Is AI the future of higher ed? SHI and Dell’s exclusive survey shows the surprising truth:
Education leaders offer key insights into AI preparedness.

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Students in higher education aren’t the only ones on campus who need advisors.

It turns out their professors and your staff might require a little guidance, too—but not from anyone with an office. For colleges and universities everywhere, artificial intelligence has the potential to put the “A” and the “I” in “advisor.”

In May 2024, SHI and Dell collaborated with the Center for Digital Education, conducting a survey that gauged institutions’ readiness for the AI revolution. The findings underscore the transformative impact of having AI as an ally, and raise serious questions about how it can integrate into the classroom, be used ethically, or personalize learning.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these large questions may have tough answers. Many institutions find themselves at square one, trying to figure out how to make that crucial first move; others have already started their journey, but have yet to implement any data security or privacy practices. In either situation, it can’t hurt to have a trusted counselor. With SHI and AI, you’ve got two.

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