Survey says! Surprising data storage needs revealed by new study
Discover where state and local IT leaders stand on data solutions and cloud adoption.

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State and local IT leaders have a data storage problem. Like an old, cluttered closet, too many siloed legacy systems are storing too much information—without adequate funding or staff expertise to make sense of it. But rather than spending valuable time and resources rummaging through the clutter, a new study shows that it’s time to reconsider the closet.

A 2023 Center for Digital Government (CDG)/SHI survey of state and local IT professionals across the U.S. revealed that nearly all respondents expect their data storage and management needs to increase in the next three years, especially when it comes to data sharing, data storage, privacy, and security. What’s more, when it comes to the cloud, technology leaders revealed that they largely appreciate the value of these services, but have a hard time taking advantage of them.

However, several opportunities lie within these challenges to help state and local IT leaders experience new levels of efficiency. If data solutions vendors understand the priorities and challenges of state and local IT leaders, they can help those entities clean up their critical data storage and convert to the cloud.

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