Your customers care about decarbonization. See why you should, too:
Make an impact and zero in on sustainability

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You may have heard decarbonization being thrown around as a popular buzzword. But the truth is, it’s much more than that.

Decarbonization is the reduction of carbon emissions and a commitment to greater sustainability. Many top organizations set their own decarbonization goals, and consumers often seek organizations that are dedicated to sustainability. Within this initiative, infrastructure tends to be front and center due to the sheer amount of energy it consumes. Think of just how much energy goes into the cooling, powering, and backup of a data center!

Decarbonization is a classic case of doing well by doing good. Many customers want to purchase sustainable products and support businesses with low carbon footprints. And consumers aren’t the only ones who care – employees hold their employers to a higher standard as well, considering a company’s sustainability when choosing a job in today’s hot market. Perceived sustainability and decarbonization efforts can affect your entire brand value.

Partnering for a better tomorrow

The path to decarbonization is not a one-size-fits-all journey. So, where can you start? One of the most important steps you can take is to partner with those dedicated to decarbonization and sustainability.


Alongside their commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2040, Cisco has recently launched their Environmental Sustainability Specialization, rewarding Cisco Partners for committing to sustainability upon completion of multiple exams and taking the pledge with Cisco to work together to achieve a sustainable future. SHI U.K. has recently achieved this specialization, with our U.S. Cisco team following suit soon!


Dell’s purpose statement, “We create technologies that drive human progress,” is reflected in their climate action plan. They are committed to assessing and reducing their products’ carbon footprint through material and design choices, which in turn reduces their consumers’ footprint and boosts sustainability. Dell has announced they plan to go net zero by 2050.


IBM, through their Institute for Business Value, released a sustainability study that noted, “More than 80% of CEOs say that sustainability investments will drive better business results in the next 5 years.” And they added, “It’s clear that environmentally minded organizations are set up for long-term success.” IBM has stated they are committed to environmental leadership and as well as net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.


Having set their own carbon goal more than a decade ago, with a current target of being carbon negative by 2030, Microsoft is now stepping up to help its customers. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, which launched for general availability on June 1, helps enable agile transformation for organizations at all stages of their decarbonization journey.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage is dedicated to designing products that enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint.  Throughout the past eight years, Pure drove sustainability efforts by replacing legacy storage with ultra dense flash, which takes up substantially less space in the data center than traditional spinning disks. Additionally, Pure pledged to achieve net zero by 2040.


VMware announced their ‘Zero Carbon Committed’ Initiative in which they aim to have all VMware public clouds powered by renewable energy by 2030, running infrastructure on energy and carbon-efficient operations.

Eco-friendly IT

When you work with SHI and our strategic partners, we not only have your future success in mind, but the successful preservation of the environment in mind as well.

Promoting a sustainable future is an essential aspect of our overall business strategy. This effort to preserve the environment extends to our services offerings. For example, you can take advantage of SHI’s sustainability solutions like asset recovery, asset disposal, hardware remarketing, and hardware redeployment – or utilize an Infrastructure Assessment to get a baseline for where you are and our suggestions for your next steps. We can help you reduce, reuse, and recycle your equipment to limit your carbon footprint.

In tandem with these partners and their efforts toward a more sustainable future, our environmentally conscious solutions can kickstart your journey. If you want to set and meet your own decarbonization goals, contact our specialists to get started and go green today.