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Stratascale: Digital agility delivered

Stratascale is an exciting new consulting services venture from SHI, one of the world’s most successful IT Solutions provider.

SHI One: Overview Video

SHI One is available to all SHI customers so speak to your account executive today about how you can start transforming with SHI One.

Software spending is down. How will software vendors respond?

Enterprise software spend is down 3.6% year over year – a stark contrast to last year’s 11.7% growth.

Make the most of Your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers before they expire

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers with Software Assurance accrue training vouchers that can be exchanged against technical training courses. Here's what you need to know.

SaaS Cost Optimization Services: Datasheet

Control your SaaS footprint and maximize ROI with SHI’s technology and services SaaS solution.

SHI receives Verizon’s 2020 Supplier Sustainability Award

SHI has a long history of advising Verizon on innovative substrates, formats, and process efficiencies for reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. This year, SHI received Verizon’s 2020 Supplier Sustainability Award.

Microsoft Training Vouchers: Video

If you're a Microsoft EA customer, Software Assurance training vouchers are quickly expiring.

How SHI helped this international pharma company take its iPad refresh to the next level

An international pharmaceutical company was ready to refresh devices used by its field sales force – more than 1,500 agents. Here’s how the pharma company made it happen, with SHI’s help.

Optimized License Position: Datasheet

Using a 4-stage methodology, SHI’s experts establish your current license position and deliver optimization recommendations.

SAM Managed Services: Datasheet

Learn how SAM Managed Services from SHI will help you realize the full value from your software investments with continuous optimization and governance.

How the future works: 10 key foresights you need to know today

With the rise in automation and rapid advancement in all areas of AI, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the next few years will completely redefine how we work and what the future of work looks like.