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SAP Insights

August 4, 2022
Manage costs, drive efficiencies, and identify opportunities to optimize your SAP licensing.

Don’t let SAP audits disrupt your operations. Here’s how to prepare

August 3, 2022
SHI’s SAP audit preparation and management helps mitigate risks and manage audit findings.

SAP Optimized License Position

August 2, 2022
Maximize the value of your SAP investments with SHI’s SAP Optimized License Position. Go from effective to optimized.

SHI Vizient Contract

July 29, 2022
SHI supplies groundbreaking technology solutions to healthcare providers through Vizient contract.

How FinOps helps take control of your cloud costs

July 28, 2022
Without a mature FinOps program, organizations struggle to avoid cloud spending pitfalls.

How FinOps technology challenges the dominance of cloud native tools

July 28, 2022
Emerging FinOps startups are capitalizing on the importance of monitoring and controlling cloud costs.

Lessons from Microsoft Inspire: 5 digital imperatives for the future of IT

July 27, 2022
Over the next decade, organizations will shift gears from digital transformation to five digital imperatives.

SHI Oracle Optimized License Position: Datasheet

July 22, 2022
Take advantage of SHI’s market-leading tools to better understand your Oracle investment.

JDisc Discovery Overview

July 20, 2022
JDisc Discovery provides detailed and current network documentation, enabling your IT to run more efficiently.

4 ways SHI and Fortinet deliver digital security, everywhere you need it

July 15, 2022
SHI and Fortinet deliver a security strategy that is broad, integrated, and automated.

SHI’s NASPO ValuePoint™ SVAR cooperative contract

July 15, 2022
SHI’s NASPO ValuePoint SVAR contract provides better resources and lowered cost of software and services.

Discover how to save time and money with Oracle Managed Services

July 15, 2022
SHI’s Oracle Managed Services alleviate the risks associated with maintaining your Oracle environment.

Reduce procurement costs with cooperative contracts

July 13, 2022
Learn more about SHI’s partnership with the most experienced cooperative purchasing organization.

3 ways technology will transform education for the better

July 13, 2022
Technology will continue to enhance the education landscape – and plugged-in students will reap the benefits.

Oracle Audit Management

July 7, 2022
SHI’s Oracle Audit Management Service provides confidential and objective advisory services led by SHI experts.

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