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Brian Carufe

Sr. Editor – Copywriting

As a copywriter and editor at SHI, Brian likes to produces authentic, solution-oriented stories that feel accessible to anyone. When he’s not writing industry content, Brian is often either writing creatively or scouring New York for his next favorite restaurant.

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Recent Content by Brian Carufe

Hispanic Heritage Month: How your STEM program’s tech is secretly shaping your tomorrow
Address Latinx underrepresentation in STEM by investing in innovative solutions.

September 29, 2023
From education to employment, access to technology is a key factor in fostering Latinx success in STEM fields.

Top 4 game-changing ways technology empowers employees with disabilities
Help yourself by helping others.

July 28, 2023
The surprising solutions that can help your employees with disabilities reach their full potential.

4 ways to use technology that advantages LGBTQ+ workers—for Pride and beyond
How to build a supportive workplace—brick by brick

June 5, 2023
Use tech to support the LGBTQ+ community with inclusive products, safe spaces, amplified voices, and more.

From AI to hybrid experiences: SHI’s experts analyze the emerging tech disrupting 2023 and beyond
Discover how you can adapt to the future state of IT.

May 5, 2023
SHI’s experts are dropping their takeaways on future tech developments to get you ready for the new frontier.

Enhance your students’ experience with Microsoft Windows 11 devices
Solve for what’s next for your classrooms.

April 13, 2023
Pivot to a sustainable hardware strategy that delivers for your students with Microsoft and SHI.

New York Giants’ Mathias Kiwanuka tackles the value of playing for others
Touching takeaways from a two-time champion

February 27, 2023
SHI’s Black Culture Collective commemorated Black History Month with lessons from a Giants legend.

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