3 frustrating IT transformation hurdles for SMBs – and how to solve them
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Modern IT enables small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to level the playing field against large enterprises. With the right technology, cloud solutions, and business processes, SMBs can deliver new and innovative digital experiences to their customers, focus on revenue-generating projects that grow and advance the organization, and disrupt well-established business markets.

Unfortunately, SMBs are often behind the eight ball when it comes to IT.

Despite often needing to scale quickly, most SMBs face similar obstacles that prevent them from taking advantage of the technology required to meet their evolving business demands. Fortunately, these hurdles can be mitigated.

Here are three challenges that hinder IT transformation for SMBs and how SHI can help address them.

1. Poor IT foundation

Many SMBs often rely heavily on outdated, inefficient, and unprotected IT systems, putting a major strain on IT personnel.

Instead of imagining ways to leverage new technology to promote business growth, they spend most of their time making sure these older systems function properly – while putting out one IT fire after another. In essence, IT for SMBs becomes a constant reactive state, distracting them from client work and strategic projects.

Sadly, the one thing (IT) that could help SMBs get out of this predicament is also a major obstacle.

2. Lingering IT skills gap

The IT skills required to protect a small business, provide a quality experience for end users, and manage the day-to-day operations are typically more than any one individual can handle. Unfortunately, SMBs don’t always have a choice.

Finding qualified IT personnel at the right price is hard for any organization. It’s especially difficult for SMBs. Nearly half (46%) of small businesses say it’s more challenging now to find candidates with the requisite experience, according to a U.S. Chamber and MetLife State of the Workforce report.

Due to budget constraints or limited resources, they often hire a generalist – or small IT team – who lacks the expertise to support efficient and effective growth while keeping IT assets safe and secure.

To make matters worse, many SMBs aren’t born in the cloud. Therefore, IT often lacks experience in new, modern infrastructure practices – like cloud technology and modern security – that businesses need to increase agility, lower overhead, and ensure they’re properly secured.

IT often juggles managing software and hardware purchasing and licensing, maintaining outdated systems, and providing support to end users. And they don’t have the experience or knowledge to leverage the technology that would alleviate many of these stresses.

This fuels regular bouts of frustration, leaving IT personnel feeling overburdened and unhappy. It’s no wonder that nearly three-quarters (72%) of IT workers in the U.S. are considering quitting their job in the next year.

3. Hesitation to invest in future technology

A lacking IT foundation. An IT staff that can barely keep its head above water trying to ensure the current systems operate properly. What’s next? If you said constant discouragement and staff turnover, you’re correct. But it goes further than that.

Senior decision makers and business leaders are often negatively influenced by this vicious cycle, leading to a poor perception of IT rather than seeing them as a critical driver of the business. And no one wants to invest in what they perceive as purely a cost center.

As a result, SMB leaders shy away from investing in technology tools and personnel, viewing them more as a hinderance to their growth than a driver of success. This creates organizations that are susceptible to IT threats, lack technology-based innovation, and fall further and further behind the competition.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How SHI can transform IT operations for SMBs

Introducing SHI Complete, a comprehensive managed service created to empower and accelerate IT transformation for SMBs. Think of it as getting world-class IT without the world-class headache.

SHI Complete is not your typical managed service. We help make sure you have the right IT operating model, as well as a strong governance plan around security, services, and management that is designed to meet your business goals. Our experts have created a modern platform around the critical technology capabilities you need to grow your business while removing the burden of managing and maintaining it.

We have a more in-depth post that outlines all you need to know about SHI Complete, but these are the key pillars of the service:

  • Managed Modern Workspace and End-User Support
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Network
  • Managed Cloud
  • IT Management Dashboard
  • Customer Experience Management

Take control of your IT transformation

When it comes to innovation, technology is the great equalizer for SMBs. So, don’t let the complexity and confusion of IT hold your business back.

Now is the time to take control of your IT transformation – and you don’t have to do it alone. Harness the power of innovative IT with SHI Complete and get on the path to a smooth, efficient, and transformative IT journey.

Want to know more about how SHI Complete can devise your IT transformation strategy for maximum growth? Contact SHI here to get started today.