Innovation Heroes: AREA15 and the power of creative innovation:
Paradigm smashing retail concept turns spectators into active participants in a hybrid landscape

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Not far from the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas strip sits AREA15 – a sprawling wonderland described by its creators as “an immersive playground rolled into a vast and vibrant space.” From axe throwing, to volcanic exploration and zip lining, the compound isn’t just a collection of awe-inspiring adventures. It’s a testament to the power of technological innovation to create ground breaking customer experiences in the “real world.”

And, after two years of pandemic talk, that’s something we can all use a little more of.

Which is why we invited AREA 15’s Chief Creative Officer, Michael Beneville, to speak with us on our Innovation Heroes podcast.

“The mission that drives AREA15 is giving the guests the opportunity to transform from a visitor and a spectator into a participant,” says Beneville.

With host Ed McNamara, Beneville discusses why a paradigm shift is needed in the ways we deliver customer experience, how to better integrate digital and physical experiences, and what customers actually want. His insights into the future of creative innovation will resonate with any IT leader challenged with bringing new ideas to life, sustainably.

“The Sistine Chapel is incredible, but it’s a dance between Michelangelo and the Pope. There wouldn’t be one without the other,” he says. “I think the creativity of commerce is an incredibly important part of bringing something like this sort of creativity to life. You need to have a dance partner who really understands the bottom line. It’s an artist mistake to assume that the business folks don’t know anything about creativity, or bringing it to life.”

Listen now to the full conversation to get a closer look at AREA15 and great advice on building creative teams and punching above your weight, no matter how small or large your team may be.

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