Innovation Heroes: Why CIOs must have passion in their playbook
Season 3, Episode 2: We explore the very serious business of having fun in tech.

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IT leaders have survived more than a year of pressure, patience and persistence in battling the pandemic. But it’s another “p” word that could be they need to reinvigorate digital initiatives: Passion.

In the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, an SHI podcast, host Ed McNamara is joined by three-time returning guest Stacey Shulman, Intel’s Vice President Internet of Things Group and GM Health, Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies. And fun is on the agenda.

“In the tech industry, we never thought of the lack of fun as a problem before. I honestly believe that we have to start prioritizing building in fun, encouraging it in positive experiences, and in the teams that we lead. It makes an impact,” says Shulman.

They discuss how leading with passion and striving for impact isn’t just good for the bottom line, but also for retention, growth, and general happiness for employees and customers. They also explore how tech can help in the mission of building back better, and what innovations are required in making the best digital and physical experiences for our new normal.

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