Innovation Heroes: Modernizing manufacturing with ERP to combat the supply chain crisis
Fulcrum is on a mission to help connect businesses through ERP technology

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For the last two years, supply chain issues have disrupted services, access to goods and food, and even events for people and businesses alike. While there is no immediate end in sight, there is at least one company that is trying to smooth things over – and its CEO is featured on the most recent episode of Innovation Heroes, a podcast by SHI.

Host Ed McNamara meets with Sunny Han, founder and CEO of Fulcrum, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform geared towards small- to medium-sized manufacturers.

“What Fulcrum is doing is taking all the technology we have now, all the modern technology cloud-based architecture, live data reporting, and data entry, and just giving these shop owners and production managers a way to connect everything automatically,” says Han. “And now, as you pick something off the shelf or run an operation or scrap something, if you make a mistake, everything is so close to real time that your decisions become close to real time. And that’s the big paradigm shift that [Fulcrum is] powering going into the future.”

Launched in 2019, Fulcrum’s aim is to help modernize the manufacturing industry. Han points out that millions of businesses are operating on outdated software – a problem that impacts the supply chain.

“The majority of the things that you use every day are extruded or pressed or coded or cut with very specialized machines that can do very specialized things,” says Han. “And those machines and people that know how to operate them are typically in different companies. So, really, the problem that Fulcrum is trying to solve by creating a modern ERP solution [is] for manufacturers to share information digitally in order to make those interconnected processes more seamless and efficient.”

To learn more about Han’s heroic journey to founding his own startup on the eve of a global pandemic and how Fulcrum’s technology will help manufacturers power through supply chain disruptions, listen to the full conversation here.