Leverage procurement  best practices to get the right products, at the right price, under the right terms, and meet business requirements

Announcing Microsoft’s Flexible Virtualization Benefit: How to maximize your SA today
Make the most of your licensing investment with this update

November 4, 2022
Maximize your cloud investment with Microsoft’s Software Assurance offering, the Flexible Virtualization Benefit.

SHI HealthTrust Contract
SHI delivers high-quality products and services through HealthTrust’s GPO

August 19, 2022
SHI delivers high-quality products and services through HealthTrust Contract Number HPG-81016.

Reduce procurement costs with cooperative contracts
Learn how to make the most of OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

July 13, 2022
Learn more about SHI’s partnership with the most experienced cooperative purchasing organization.

Streamline EUC configuration and deployment with SHI Integration Centers
Learn how we're helping customers revolutionize the new hire experience

March 15, 2022
There’s an answer to all your organization’s IT deployment and configuration demands: SHI Integration Centers.

SHI Executive Briefings: A better way to launch your next tech project

March 11, 2022
Need a better way to discover new technologies to advance your business goals? Enter: SHI Executive Briefings

Cybersecurity is once again a catalyst for change
Predictions for 2022 and beyond from SHI

December 14, 2021
With yet another security exploit making headlines, we look at how this might change IT priorities.

Microsoft 365: Maximize your investment with SHI’s 365 Insights
The fastest way to identify cost-savings and optimization opportunities on your Microsoft estate.

October 29, 2021
365 Insights includes granular reporting on M365 usage, spend and adoption and access to SHI’s licensing team.

Building sustainability into the device lifecycle
The growing impact of sustainability on the technology supply chain

October 20, 2021
With sustainability a factor in hardware procurement, learn how SHI can build it into the device lifecycle.

Is your technology strategy optimized for resiliency?
Something for the weekend: what happens when your IT systems fail?

October 15, 2021
Facebook's recent massive outage is a reminder that we should do more to ensure organizational resiliency

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