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From the latest news on end user devices to emerging technologies like VR and AR, learn how to provide effective digital workplace experiences

How smart IT management helps you create a long-term EUC strategy
Don’t let hybrid work’s most tedious IT tasks become daily time-drainers.

May 12, 2023
How can you stop endless tail-chasing and start futureproofing your EUC management? SHI’s experts weigh in.

Expert advice: The shift in procurement and how to create the right strategy
Solve what’s next for optimal IT purchasing – in budget and in less time

April 26, 2023
SHI’s procurement assessment helps you create the right strategy for seamless purchasing within budget.

3 top trends to look out for in digital health technologies
Are you ready for the future of healthcare?

April 21, 2023
Discover the top trends driving healthcare innovation to be on the lookout for in 2023 and beyond.

SHI Education: Elevate your teaching and learning environment with innovative technology
Solve what’s next for your school.

April 20, 2023
Transform today's classroom into tomorrow's with our personalized solutions and services.

Enhance your students’ experience with Microsoft Windows 11 devices
Solve for what’s next for your classrooms.

April 13, 2023
Pivot to a sustainable hardware strategy that delivers for your students with Microsoft and SHI.

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