The benefits of CYOD and BYOD: 3 reasons to consider employee choice:
Employees work their best when given the power to choose.

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To choose or let them choose: that is the question. You must ask yourself about your employees’ devices in the workplace.

For a while, the answer was simple: give everyone the same tools. But times have changed. Technology is an even greater part of our lives – and workers have preferences and familiarities with some computers, phones, and tablets more than others.

The other thing that’s changed? It’s no longer as difficult to manage an environment of various devices. Mobile device management (MDM) and other tools make it easier to configure and manage devices regardless of their operating system.

What was once considered a hindrance or even a security threat may now be among your biggest selling points – letting employees choose their own devices. Here are three reasons why.

1. Increase user productivity

Some users need desktops, some need laptops, some need tablets. Some need all of the above.

Regardless of preference, people usually do their best work with devices they’re comfortable with. According to a Jamf employee choice survey, 68% of enterprise workers believe they’re more productive when they’re allowed to select their own work device.

It makes sense.

Each role requires specific tools. If you offer them the tools they need to succeed, they’ll be more productive. Intel experienced this firsthand back in 2011, as their 17,000 employees using personal devices reported a spike in their average productivity by nearly an hour a day. This equates to an additional 1.6 million hours in annual productivity for the organization.

It’s all about making things personal. Find out what services and devices will allow your employees to do their best work. Empower them to be productive, give them the tools to hit the ground running, and let them attack the job you hired them to do more efficiently. This is good for business.

 2. Attract talent and enhance talent retention

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. And unlike previous generations, they are more tech-dependent. This impacts how they view potential job prospects.

Companies like IBM and LEGO understand this, which is why they started letting employees use Apple devices. Millennials grew up with technology and have become accustomed to (and proficient at) using specific tools and devices. When it comes to attracting top talent, you can put yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t offer employees the freedom to choose their own device.

The same philosophy applies to employee retention. According to a 2018 Harvard Business Review study, half of employers say their employees expect the freedom to choose their own devices. The same study notes that organizations providing this option see improved retention. Which is important because. . .

3. Save money

. . .employee turnover is not cheap. The cost of employee turnover can be as much as 2.5 times an employee’s salary, depending on the role.

It can reduce IT costs as well. VMware lets employees use devices they’re most comfortable with, a decision that saved the company $2 million.

Letting your employees use their device of choice can keep them happy, improve company morale, boost productivity, and promote employee culture. All of which should lead to greater employee retention and more savings in your pockets.

 Don’t let concerns over security or management scare you away

Giving your employees the option of choosing their own device won’t have the dire consequences many expect. MDM can be a bridge to supporting various devices in ways organizations couldn’t in the past.

In the end, benefits like improved productivity, increased retention, and greater savings make choice a choice worth making.

Dave Siederer and Phil Vickman contributed to this post.