Innovation Heroes: Cisco’s COVID-19 response
Season 1, Episode 3

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When a global, life-altering event like COVID-19 hits, it sparks change — even for the world’s largest businesses. Just ask Cisco, the iconic networking and enterprise collaboration solutions maker.

As people looked to the IT industry to provide solutions, Michelle Chiantera, VP of Growth Marketing, Americas at Cisco, saw the importance of driving a solutions-oriented business in a much more human way.

“We are in a crisis, and it has forced us all to re-imagine and re-design the workforce. What Cisco has really been focused on is how to keep the businesses resilient,” Chiantera told SHI.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chiantera for the latest episode of our new podcast, Innovation Heroes. Listen to the new episode to learn how some of the world’s largest tech makers are responding to COVID-19 – and what IT leaders can do to follow suit.

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