You’re wrong about Windows 11: Why upgrading really can’t wait:
SHI’s recent survey has surprising insight into the six myths getting in the way of your Windows 11 adoption.

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October 14, 2025: the day Windows 10 reaches end of support (EOS). The clock’s ticking; the race is on for organizations like yours to plan and perform how you will adopt Windows 11.

While Microsoft has made the update process for Windows 11 the easiest in Windows’ history, large organizations still need plenty of planning, testing, and communication – all of which require time.

Despite this, data from SHI’s recent survey suggests a staggering 72% of organizations plan to hold off updating until within one year or less of Windows 10’s EOS date. If you fall into that bucket but are managing thousands of end-user devices, you simply aren’t giving yourself enough time to do it right.

Why, then, are so many organizations opting to wait? Based on our data, we believe six myths are standing in the way of how and when organizations adopt Windows 11.

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