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Digital employee experience: What is it and why does it matter?

May 25, 2023
The ideal digital employee experience needs to foster an engaging, productive, and inclusive workplace.

An SHI guide: How to successfully join the metaverse in 7 easy steps

May 22, 2023
Early metaverse adopters will enjoy a distinct advantage over competitors. Get started in just seven steps.

Gain a competitive edge: Updates to Microsoft 365 trainings and certifications

May 19, 2023
Get certified and build your skills with the new Microsoft 365 training and certification offerings.

Is your information safe? Secrets of effective data protection, backup, and recovery

May 17, 2023
Safeguarding public sector data is a critical task that, unfortunately, is more complicated than you think.

How smart IT management helps you create a long-term EUC strategy

May 12, 2023
How can you stop endless tail-chasing and start futureproofing your EUC management? SHI’s experts weigh in.

From AI to hybrid experiences: SHI’s experts analyze the emerging tech disrupting 2023 and beyond

May 5, 2023
SHI’s experts are dropping their takeaways on future tech developments to get you ready for the new frontier.

5 challenges of working in the metaverse, from counterfeiting to safety concerns

May 3, 2023
Before achieving success in the metaverse, businesses must first tackle these challenges.

Expert advice: The shift in procurement and how to create the right strategy

April 26, 2023
SHI’s procurement assessment helps you create the right strategy for seamless purchasing within budget.
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Enhance your students’ experience with Microsoft Windows 11 devices

April 13, 2023
Pivot to a sustainable hardware strategy that delivers for your students with Microsoft and SHI.

Next-generation infrastructure: How to modernize and maximize your IT

April 6, 2023
Now you can build alignment across your technology, people, and processes with a personal touch.

4 things you must do before you renew your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

March 23, 2023
Discover how to tackle some of the most common challenges when renewing your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Create a Unified Collaboration and Communication strategy for the hybrid workforce

February 1, 2023
Read SHI’s ebook to create a Unified Collaboration and Communication strategy built for the hybrid workforce.


Innovation Heroes: Turning up the volume on a new blockchain use case

March 3, 2023
On this week's episode, Ed learns how Labelcoin is using blockchain technology to stamp out artistic poverty.

Innovation Heroes: Esports and the future of technology in K-12 education

February 21, 2023
On the latest episode, Ed sits down with Dr. Katrina Adkins to learn about innovations in K-12 tech spaces.

Innovation Heroes: Creating movie magic with automation and artificial intelligence

February 6, 2023
On the latest episode, we hear from a technology startup that’s transforming the business of making movies.

Innovation Heroes: How to solve sustainability challenges with new batteries

January 30, 2023
On this week's episode, we discuss battery technology that may help solve pressing sustainability challenges.

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