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Increase your business’ efficiency with Microsoft Power Platform
SHI’s “Solve what’s next” webinar series powers on with a solution to solve your business challenges.

September 22, 2023
Join us to learn how the Microsoft Power Platform and SHI Power Platform Ideation Lab workshop can help improve inefficient business processes.

Federal agencies need to maximize the value of IT. SHI Federal can help
Your agency – and your constituents – deserve the very best in IT procurement.

September 22, 2023
SHI Federal can help federal agencies design, procure, and implement the latest and greatest IT solutions.

Innovation Heroes: Is GenAI a security nightmare or dream?
Exploring GenAI's role in fortifying cybersecurity

September 22, 2023
Can generative AI itself be the key to fortifying our defenses and shaping the future of cybersecurity strategies?

The SHI guide to zero touch
Modern work made easy

September 21, 2023
SHI’s Zero Touch X is the modern endpoint management solution for the remote-everything era.

Innovation Heroes: How to build a sustainable data center in 30 days
Redivider creates data centers using prefabricated modular parts that can go live in a month

August 23, 2023
On today’s episode, Ed talks with Redivider to learn how sustainable data centers are built and operated as data needs continue to explode.

SecOps as a service: Start your journey to a zero trust environment
Leverage modern security solutions to identify risks, automate responses, and mitigate threats

August 14, 2023
Leverage SecOps as a service for modern security solutions to identify risks, automate responses, and mitigate threats.

Integrated data center solutions: Start your project with the right design
Future-proof your investment with validated solutions and expert precision

August 14, 2023
SHI’s experts simplify your data center design and deployment with integrated data center solutions (IDCS).
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