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Summit recap: Anatomy of a cyberattack:
As remote workforces have grown, so too has the potential attack surface

July 29, 2020
SHI’s security experts discuss techniques for securing remote workers, devices and data.

Summit recap: Bridging the cybersecurity gap:
Our experts offer top-of-mind remediation techniques for maintaining a secure environment

July 29, 2020
SHI’s security experts discuss techniques for securing remote workers, devices and data.

Ask the experts: bridging the cybersecurity gap

July 29, 2020
Current end-user computing environments are posing difficulties for customers looking to secure their remote workers, devices, and data.

Summit recap: DevOps and app modernization

July 24, 2020
Learn the basics of DevOps and App Modernization and how combining them drives continuous improvement while savings costs along the way.

Living on the edge – why edge computing is set to exponentially grow

July 20, 2020
SHI’s Principal Architects walk through the basics of edge strategy, what the future looks like and how it is changing.

Microsoft 365 security workshop and threat check

July 14, 2020
In this workshop you'll learn how to solve security challenges and address vulnerabilities in your organization

Summit recap: The software audit, turning disruption into a great deal:
SHI delivered an effective software audit defense strategy, avoiding a $99 million risk

July 13, 2020
SHI's Oracle audit defense experts turned a $99M risk into a new and more advantageous agreement worth $9M.

Cloud Optimization Support Service:
Maximize gains through architecture and governance.

July 2, 2020
SHI will help uncover ways to optimize costs and efficiencies through architecture and governance.

Leveraging multicloud platforms to enable modern applications:
Secure the competitive advantage.

June 21, 2020
This IDC white paper discusses the benefits of application modernization in leveraging multicloud platforms to enable successful application migration.

Understanding SaaS and its impact on your business

June 19, 2020
Take back control and optimize your SaaS applications and subscriptions.

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