Your Cisco solution is crucial. How can SHI make it easy to manage?:
From our SHI One single-pane management dashboard to licensing support and effective adoption and change management, learn how SHI can help make Cisco easy.

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SHI and Cisco share a common goal: to deliver the services and solutions you need to achieve all your organization’s goals.

SHI’s comprehensive Cisco practice is designed from the ground up to help you across your entire Cisco ecosystem. Our Cisco expertise covers every architecture and can ensure the success of your collaboration, wireless-first, hybrid infrastructure, and security initiatives. We support all of these while helping you stay compliant and leverage the most optimal Cisco procurement programs.

In this ebook, discover how SHI’s services and solutions can help accelerate your digital transformation with Cisco, including:

  • Improve Cisco licensing and support management
  • Increase visibility and streamline processes with SHI One
  • Demo solutions and proofs-of-concept with expert guidance at our Customer Integration Center (CIC)
  • Discover next-generation technologies with SHI Executive Briefings
  • Drive technology usage with Adoption & Change Management (ACM) solutions
  • And much more

To learn more about how SHI helps make Cisco easy or to start your digital transformation journey, speak with a Cisco expert today.

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