The great EUC device shortage continues
Prepare for the long haul with SHI's four-step device strategy

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As many organizations have moved towards a hybrid work model or have allowed employees to work from home permanently, demand for end-user computing devices has skyrocketed. And with analysts predicting end-user computing (EUC) device shortages to persist well into 2022 with residual effects spilling over into 2023, we’ve prepared a complete guide to prepare you for the long haul.

In this ebook, we walk you through SHI’s four-step device strategy with detailed action plans focused on helping you at each stage of:

  1. Re-evaluating your users’ needs
  2. Optimizing your purchasing strategy
  3. Taking advantage of new deployment models
  4. Prolonging the device lifecycle with modern desktop solutions

This goal of this ebook is to help you build a device strategy that:

  • Takes full advantage of enterprise-ready devices and manufacturers
  • Accommodates a growing diversity in user needs and working habits
  • Allows you to pre-order devices without financial or storage penalties
  • Relieves your IT teams of having to hand-prepare new devices for use
  • Truly supports the hybrid workforce model

There is no way around it: provisioning the right devices to your users is going to be a challenge for the foreseeable future. This eBook is meant to help you adapt and overcome.