A new hope for education: How the right edtech can awaken the force of your school community
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In the not-so-distant future, the landscape of education is undergoing a radical transformation. As a new school year looms on the horizon, a group of forward-thinking administrators and instructors embarks on a quest to shape the destiny of their classrooms. Armed with customized, cutting-edge educational technology, they are poised to create a future where collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity thrive in perfect harmony. But to see this future through, school leaders must dare to break the mold by seeking the right tools and the best guidance.

Tomorrow’s tools: embracing collaborative experiences

In this brave new world, administrators know that it’s governed by one principle: collaboration. In a courageous bid to expand the minds of their students, regardless of ability, they’ll discover the value of Microsoft 365’s inclusive, accessible features. Tools like Immersive Reader improve fluency and comprehension; Translator breaks language barriers with live captioning, while Read Aloud benefits visually impaired students. These tools ensure every student feels a sense of belonging in the classroom. The future of education itself depends on those in power embracing technology to foster cooperation, innovation, and inclusivity, thus empowering all students to thrive.

Leaving no student behind, instructors dare to discover Microsoft Reflect for social and emotional learning features, promoting holistic development and emotional intelligence. With these solutions on the table, the classroom becomes an interconnected web of knowledge, where students engage in real-time collaborations and explore diverse perspectives, fueling their thirst for discovery.

Professional development: unleashing the force of lifelong learning

In this future-driven terrain, education expands beyond traditional classrooms, emphasizing lifelong learning and skill development. To see this through, administrators must call in their most crucial ally: SHI.

Tailored professional development programs empower you to plan and execute in-person or virtual professional development (PD), build scalable concepts, and design high-quality content for virtual and hybrid learning. By consolidating training efforts, tracking PD activity, and providing flexible access, SHI boosts teacher morale to lightspeed, supporting best practices along the way. With proper PD through the right partnership, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan and execute in-person or virtual professional development programs.
  • Build sustainable, scalable concepts with classroom rendering options for special redesign
  • Design relevant, quality content of virtual and hybrid professional learning.
  • Give busy educators access to PD anytime, anywhere.

In times of scant resources, a true ally won’t let you buy soon-to-be outdated technology. But they will give you vouchers. Not only does SHI ensure your purchases are utilized for the long term, we’ll help you make the most of your Microsoft investment ahead of the school year with this limited-time offer voucher for certification training. The force is strong in this partnership—if you have the vision to pursue it.

Security strikes back: protecting the future

Despite mounting consequences, troublesome hackers wreak havoc on the school systems. Administrators strive to prioritize a secure environment for effective teaching and learning, but often their solutions fall short. However, a new hope lingers ahead. By conducting SHI’s free security posture review, developing strategic security plans, and implementing data security controls, vulnerabilities can be effectively addressed. When security is scarce, you’ll need all the friends you can get. Luckily, we’ve got some of our own to spare. With trusted providers like Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and more, SHI can help manage your network device access, and ensure visibility for incident response.

Despite an increasingly cybernetic world, no one can afford to overlook their physical security. Prepare yourself for anything with hybrid cloud tools for emergency management, integrated video security, and remote control of building security systems. Only with data-driven insights and enhanced protection measures can you be certain that your community is protected from the outside forces that would do it harm.

Preparing for a school year not so far, far away

As our journey to the year’s beginning grows near, we can glimpse a world where collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity reign supreme. Fortunately, it is within reach. The administrators and their instructors – armed with edtech – are close to creating an educational ecosystem that fosters lifelong learning, empowers individual brilliance, and prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow.

But it’s a hard path to fly alone. Luckily, the strategy teams at SHI can support you during the entire instructional cycle: planning, vision, procurement, execution, and professional development. Composed of former school leaders, we understand school leaders’ needs and will help you go beyond purchasing new technology, creating dual purpose spaces to stretch budgets and maximize your available space. Together, we’ll discover the solution that’s flexible, sustainable, and cost-optimal for you.

This is the way—to make sure you’re prepared for the coming year. Secure the right solutions based on your vision at shi.com/education.

Additional contributors: Tim Hilbie and Adam Morris