Innovation Heroes: Be very afraid of the new ransomware boom:
Season 3, Episode 1: We kick off our new season with a frightening look at this accelerating threat.

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It’s the spookiest month of the year, October, when the world comes together to discuss cybersecurity and the ever evolving threat landscape.

Which is why we made our debut episode of Season 3 of Innovation Heroes all about the scariest security trend of all: Ransomware. From supply chain shortages, to wide-scale, life-threatening disruption of our most critical industries, hackers are not slowing down the attack. All of which is leaving businesses unsure about how to prepare, much less what to do if they become the next target.

Joining new host Ed McNamara on the podcast is returning guest Michael Wilcox, the field Chief Information Security Officer at Stratascale. He had plenty of eye opening anecdotes and insights to share, gained from his direct access to hundreds of Fortune 1000 security leaders.

“The cat’s out of the bag, and some of these ransomware moves have been in the spotlight,” warns Michael. “These are people who are making a lot of money and then they’re going to go after, specifically, companies that are willing, and able, to pay the ransom.”

Should you pay up? And even if you do, what are the real costs of going through an attack? Michael and Ed break it all down in the episode. Listen now on your podcast platform of choice or by clicking the player below.

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