Effective Scholastic Esports
Building blocks for assembling your winning team

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Scholastic esports (short for electronic sports) are extracurricular gaming programs open to all students regardless of ability level. Typically, esports teams from different schools are organized into leagues, gathering for head-to-head gaming events in which individuals and/or teams compete playing popular game titles that emphasize dexterity, strategy, problem-solving, and cooperation.

While the fame and fortune of superstar competitors may get all the attention, esports programs for K-12 and higher education are delivering real and lasting benefits for a far greater number of participants, in the form of equality and inclusion, teamwork, career enablement and professional development, and social interaction.

In this ebook, our authors identify the following seven key elements schools must consider when conceptualizing and launching their esports programs:

  1. Develop an esports curriculum to match your goals
  2. Win support from esports stakeholders
  3. Secure a healthy funding base for esports
  4. Engage dedicated esports coaching staff who can teach and inspire
  5. Equip your teams with hardware that reacts as fast as they do
  6. Engage with relevant and established esports leagues (like SHI’s Battle Academy tournament)
  7. Achieve social and emotional student growth through scholastic esports

To get further insight into the topics covered in this ebook or engage with an SHI esports representative, visit www.SHI.com/esports or contact us at esports@shi.com.
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