Innovation Heroes: Delivery robots and the path to automation
Season 2, Episode 9

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Meet Geoffrey, Canada’s cutest delivery robot. At least, that’s what its creators at Tiny Mile like to call it. This small, pink, heart-eyed robot represents a brave step forward in the wide and wonderful world of robots where there’s many new applications being rolled out every day across multiple industries and use cases.

In the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, host Peter Bean sits down with Omar Elawi, Account Manager for Partnerships at Tiny Mile Robotics. They discuss real life use cases of robotics, and how this field could radically change not just the kinds of jobs humans do moving forward, but the way we view work on the whole, thanks to automation.

“You no longer have people having to get on their bikes or get in their cars and drive all the way to the restaurant and deliver these orders. The robot will open up a lot of that space because it’s a lot more seamless, and a lot faster; you can literally log in and out from the safety of your home, do a few deliveries, and go about your day. So definitely very convenient in that sense, and obviously there’s also the safety aspect of no longer having so many couriers and cars out in the streets,” says Elawi. “That’ll definitely have a huge effect on CO2 emissions, and just greenhouse gases in general. You know, the thought that we would deliver a burrito using a car I’m sure will look crazy to us in about 10-15 years. So hopefully, that’s one thing that’ll kind of create a huge shift in the way society views delivery.”

Listen now to hear more about how robot delivery drivers could be the solution to the growing last mile problem, as well as other amazing applications for robotics that we can expect to see in the coming years, lives, and businesses.