Innovation Heroes: How to embrace generative AI and build a culture around it:
Meet the PR firm that disrupted itself in season 5's premiere episode

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Generative AI is disrupting various industries, prompting innovators to not just adapt, but to actively leverage this technology as a golden opportunity for growth.

In the debut episode of Season 5 of Innovation Heroes, an SHI podcast, Ed McNamara sits down with Gregory FCA President and Founder Greg Matusky. Over the past three years, Matusky has been working with artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify writing processes and bolster his award-winning PR firm’s capabilities. A significant shift occurred with the advent of ChatGPT.

“When OpenAI released ChatGPT, I think people need to understand there was just a whole alignment of the stars, right? We had enough bandwidth, we had enough processing power, and we had the algorithms that all came together at once,” he said.

Matusky discusses the emerging role of AI in public relations, his efforts to integrate AI into GregoryFCA’s culture, and his insights on the long-term impact of generative AI. He suggests AI might lead us to a new era.

“We’re going from an age of information to an age of wisdom and intelligence, where we moderate these machines in a way that is accurate and ethical and more approachable,” Matusky said.

IT leaders can learn a lot from Matusky about the importance of not only embracing new technologies but also building a culture around them. He emphasizes this point, saying:

“One of the things I think is important is that the change came from the top, right? It’s really hard to do this in the bottom up,” he said. “I’m sharing with everybody within the firm things that we’re all learning together and putting it all together, which really opens up people’s minds when they see how somebody who does their exact same job, maybe in a different vertical, is using it, for instance, to create a blog post or to create a media pitch or to create a haiku.”

Listen to the full conversation to further explore Matusky’s embrace of AI in public relations. You can also find episodes on SHI’s Resource Hub, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms, and on YouTube in an all-new video format.

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