Innovation Heroes: The human side of virtual events:
Season 1, Episode 6

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The year 2020 was a turning point for the corporate events industry. With global travel halted, brands and event organizers had a decision to make: Cancel everything or go virtual?

They went with the latter – and much has changed in the process.

The challenges, solutions, and new ideas that have emerged since the lockdowns began are providing digital leaders across all industries with valuable insights about how to support business in the pandemic era. It has also become more obvious that what matters most – a great customer experience – is often the most difficult part to get right.

“How many virtual event companies popped up, and all they are thinking about is, ‘How do people log on, how do I get content?’ as opposed to ‘making my content sticky, interactive, and innovative?’” says Ben Chodor, President of Intrado Digital Media.

Ben joined host Peter Bean for the Season 1 finale of SHI’s Innovation Heroes podcast. In his role at Intrado, Ben leads the organization in expanding best-in-class communications solutions for more than 12,000 global customers. He is also the author of the new book, “Transitioning to Virtual and Hybrid Events: How to Create, Adapt, and Market an Engaging Online Experience.”

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