Innovation Heroes: Why you need a Chief of Generative AI right now:
Intel’s Stacey Shulman unpacks the future of generative AI in the enterprise

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Generative AI is top of mind across the business world. But practical advice on how to effectively implement it is tough to find.

Enter Stacey Shulman, a seasoned technology expert and vice president at Intel, who brings clarity to the table with her firsthand experience and guidance in this arena. Shulman’s journey, from her work with celebrities to her leadership in retail and healthcare technology, offers an unrivaled lens into the world of generative AI. But as we learned on the latest episode of SHI’s Innovation Heroes podcast, where she joined Ed McNamara for a full, in-depth conversation, even Shulman is shocked by the sudden rise of GenAI.

“I like to pride myself on being current and staying current on emerging tech. So, I knew the tech, but I was caught off guard at the speed it was adopted,” says Shulman.

The surprise didn’t stop there. She said she never expected that the early adopters would not be technicians, but creatives – artists, musicians, and marketers – who dove headfirst into utilizing this technology. (See our previous episode with PR agency GregoryFCA for more on that.)

Shulman says the power of generative AI lies in its ability to contextualize information, distinguishing it significantly from previous technologies, such as search engines and chatbots.

“It takes the information and looks at, based on all this information, what is the context of what you’re asking? And here’s the answer in the context of the question,” she explains, pointing out that generative AI can infer and respond based on the context, making the exchange more meaningful.

Her collaborations with creative powerhouses, such as, further illuminate the potential of generative AI. She recalls how he saw AI not as the creator but as a “creative ping pong partner.” This iterative process allows creators to test and refine ideas rapidly, without exhausting their networks with constant idea-testing.

Listen to the full conversation to hear Shulman’s roadmap of the early use cases, the potential pitfalls, and the security considerations. This isn’t just a discussion on the what of generative AI, but a fascinating exploration of the how. You can also find episodes on SHI’s Resource Hub, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms, and on YouTube in an all-new video format.

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