Innovation Heroes: Teaching computers to talk:
Season 2, Episode 6

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One silver lining of the pandemic is the major innovations it sparked in the way we communicate – not just with each other, but with our machines as well. But there is still a lot of room to grow in the world of AI language. 

In this latest episode of Innovation Heroes, host Peter Bean speaks to three experts about the advances we’ve already seen in language AI tech and what we can expect just over the horizon.

In part one, Peter speaks to Sonny Hudson, the Collaboration Partner Development Specialist at Cisco. Sonny says Webex is focused on how to make the return to hybrid work as easy and safe as possible and to prioritize accessibility throughout this transition. But, he acknowledges that this tech is still very much a work in progress.

In part two, Adam Jardine, Assistant Professor at the Rutgers Department of Linguistics, and Matthew Stone, Professor and Department Chair at the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers SAS New Brunswick, join Peter for a roundtable discussion. Together, they unpack this tech’s expected path forward in the years to come and discuss some amazing applications that we could be seeing soon.

Listen now to learn about how advances in language AI could have a huge impact on industry, academia, and even the ways we communicate on a global scale.

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