How SHI helps you fully leverage Microsoft and Cisco meeting solutions:
Some of the most popular Cisco hardware is now Certified for Teams. SHI can help you take full advantage.

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Collaboration solutions have rapidly adapted to the changes brought on by the pandemic, hybrid work, and the shifting global marketplace. But far too many organizations are struggling to keep up the pace. Failure to adapt can degrade your users’ collaboration capabilities – hurting productivity and employee satisfaction.

When trying to enhance your users’ collaboration experience, you’ll likely grapple with needing to adjust your existing meeting room solutions to support new collaboration platforms.

Or you may be starting from scratch – converting a room with a table, some chairs, and a speaker phone into a true hybrid meeting space.

In both cases, it’s an uphill battle to foster effective collaboration and communication amongst your users. In a modern workplace defined by hybrid work, that’s a scary problem to have.

Achieve interoperability without sacrificing quality

Building a collaboration solution that empowers and enables your users doesn’t have to be a challenge – or painful for your budget.

With SHI’s help, our customers are solving the issues holding back their hybrid experiences. Our Cisco- and Microsoft-certified experts, for example, are helping organizations leverage Cisco environments to their full potential, as well as master the interoperability between Cisco hardware and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

In fact, Cisco and Microsoft have partnered to bring native Microsoft Teams experiences to Cisco Rooms and Desk hardware. By combining industry-leading video technology with one of the most popular collaboration platforms, this partnership enables organizations like yours to create powerful and intuitive hybrid work experiences.

And if your organization is a mixed environment of collaboration tools, that’s okay too. Our experts can help ensure your Cisco devices work with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco WebEx from day one.

Streamline your collaboration experiences

Quality interoperable solutions like those from Cisco make it easy to deliver seamless experiences across your collaboration platforms. Cisco’s Room Navigator touch panel, for example, includes features such as single-button meeting joining, calendar push notifications, and simplified content sharing, all of which make meetings hassle-free for users as well as support staff.

But when organizations like yours evaluate new hardware solutions, you can’t help but think about never-ending lead times, inflated costs, messy installations, and confusing configurations.

We’ve thought about that, too. That’s why we focus on building right-sized solutions that can be deployed on time and within budget.

SHI’s collaboration experts will recommend a standardized hardware bundle that can be deployed with help from our experienced onsite and remote collaboration solution professional services consultants. Your new solutions will be completely integrated with your existing environment while your teams continue working unabated on mission-critical tasks.

The results? Your ideal solution will be up and running in no time, with interoperability across all your desired collaboration platforms.

Your hybrid meetings will go off without a hitch, your employees will experience smooth workflows no matter where they’re located, and your support staff will be elated by their newfound lack of headaches.

Ready to modernize the tools your employees need to thrive? Learn more about how SHI can help solve what’s next for your collaboration experiences by contacting our modern workplace experts today.