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The path to true cloud value

March 9, 2020
The cloud is strategy. Turn cloud investments into transformational business value with SHI.

The next big step on your cloud journey

March 9, 2020
Most cloud journeys start small – focused on single applications and held back, but you can’t stop there.

Public cloud: From buzzword to business value

March 9, 2020
See how next-gen capabilities such as Azure AD, Power BI and Teams can unlock value for you and your customers.

SHI achieves Microsoft Azure Expert MSP status

March 3, 2020
SHI has been designated a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) – a status bestowed on only 62 companies globally.

3 reasons to consider hybrid colocation for your business

February 27, 2020
If you have compliance concerns, legacy applications, or your environment just isn’t ready, hybrid colocation can be an effective stepping stone into the cloud.

Is your public sector organization struggling to finance your dream project? There’s probably a grant for that!

February 20, 2020
Often, public sector organizations are forced to put their dream projects on hold – or scrap them entirely – because they lack proper funding or resources to get the initiative off the ground.

Cloud Connect: How it can reduce latency, save costs, and lock down security

February 11, 2020
While the benefits of the public cloud are well documented, it can be difficult to achieve consistent, reliable, and secure performance without a direct connection to the cloud.

WVD vs. RDS: How to choose the remote desktop option in Microsoft Azure that fits you best

January 30, 2020
If you’re ready to move to Azure, does it make more sense to “lift and shift” your existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to Azure? Or should you switch to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the PaaS (re-factor) version of RDS?

Still running Windows 7? Take these 3 precautions to protect yourself against cybercriminals

January 28, 2020
With Windows 7 extended support reaching end of life, companies still running applications on this operating system could be at risk for cyber attack.

Online data migration made simple with these 3 tools from AWS, Azure, and GCP

January 23, 2020
This post will examine the data migration tools available from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and how they speed up the data transfer process and simplify your move to the cloud.

How to regain control of your cloud footprint with AWS Landing Zone

January 2, 2020
A state health agency, purchasing health care for over 2 million people, found it had a visibility problem.

Edge computing, and other important re:Invent takeaways

December 17, 2019
AWS re:Invent draws thousands of technologists to network & get a peek at the newest AWS products & services.

Why DevOps needs to be part of enterprise cloud adoption

December 10, 2019
“To cloud or not to cloud” was once the question enterprise IT departments asked themselves.

How SHI solved this school district’s backup problem with AWS

December 5, 2019
A Texas school district knew it had to do something about its backup situation.

Is your Office 365 spend optimized? Here’s how to make sure.

November 26, 2019
If it feels like your Office 365 (O365) cloud spend has gotten out of hand, you’re not alone.

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